In Jersey City, seven teenage jazz enthusiasts form a band that would go on to become one of the world's most iconic bands. The precocious musicians maneuver their way through the mean streets of Jersey City's projects and local clubs onto a world stage with a little help from some well connected benefactors. Here are five animated shorts to show you how it all began for Kool & the Gang.

Episode 1

Kool and Khalis move from Youngstown to Jersey City. In Jersey City, George Brown moves out of the alley to Storms Avenue.

Episode 2

Kool finds a way to survive Jersey City's Projects. Khalis finds an escape.

Episode 3

Seven Jersey City teens meet and bond over their love for jazz.

Episode 4

The band's first gig keeps them out late on school nights but something's fishy on payday.

Episode 5

Gene Redd introduces the band to showbiz and their new benefactors.

Episode 6

Coming Soon.